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Subject: Antwort: configuration problems
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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2001 14:56:39 +0100

I am not too familiar with them old setup scripts, but I assume that your
Realservers are not responding to any
arp requests for They shouldn't if you use the DR scheme. In
your drawing I can not see the
VIP assigned to the Realservers. If it is not your Realservers will not
process any packet with a destination address of but discard it. If all of fhis sounds strange you better check
and read up on the HOWTO concerning DR again.

If all is set what is the exact error. Is the Webserver responding with
some error message or are you getting a timeout.

If you have Virtualhosts defined in your Webserver config they should point
to the VIP address e.g.


DocumentRoot /usr/local/......


Best regards
Robert Gehr

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i am trying to set up a LVS using one dirctor and two real servers.
the real servers are webservers but when trying to connect to the virtual
address no website gets delivered.

my setup:
#               ________
#              |        |
#              | client |
#              |________|
#                  | CIP=eth0 192.168.2.x/24
#                  |
#                  |       __________
#                  |      |          |
#                  |------| director |
#                  |      |__________|
#                  |  VIP=eth0:0
#          this one is the address i want the realservers to respond to
#                  |
#                  |  DIP=eth0
#          this one is the address of the director
#                  |
#                  |
#         -------------------
#         |                 |
#         |                 |
#   ______________    ______________
#  |              |  |              |
#  | realserver1  |  | realserver2  |
#  |______________|  |______________|
#     RIP1=eth0         RIP2=eth0

my lvs config:
#VIP line format - device[:alias] IP netmask broadcast
#To help avoid namespace collisions with other VIPs, I set alias=last
number of
#note: for VS-DR, VS-Tun, the IP is in a /32 network
#DIP line format - device[:alias] IP network netmask broadcast
#no DIRECTOR_GW for VS-DR or VS-Tun
#SERVICE line format - proto port scheduler IP[,weight] [IP[,weight]]
#SERVICE=t telnet rr sneezy bashfull
#SERVICE=t ftp rr sneezy,1 bashfull,2
SERVICE=t http rr
#SERVER_GW - packets with src_addr=VIP, dst_addr=0/0 are sent to SERVER_GW
#to be forwarded to the outside world.
#For standard VS-DR,VS-Tun, this must _NOT_ be the director.
#For Julian's martian modification (see the HOWTO), it will be the
#If you don't know about the martian modification, you aren't using it.
#The script will not neccesarily set up the SERVER_GW as the
real-servers's def
#----------end lvs_dr.conf------------------------------------

what is the error in this setup? i get it running and when watching
ipvsadm i can see that the director is sending the first request to the
first server, the next to the second, but i get no data to my client.
anyone knows what to do?


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