Re: VRRP and the kernel

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Subject: Re: VRRP and the kernel
From: jsc3@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (John Cronin)
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001 11:18:32 -0500 (EST)
> Hello,
>  *      will setup a network device, with an ip address.  No mac address
>  *      will be assigned at this time.  The hw mac address will come from
>  *      the first slave bonded to the channel.  All slaves will then use
>  *      this hw mac address.
> So bonding device can not permit setting a specific MAC address. :/

I guess a kludge might be to use ifconfig to set the desired MAC address
before bonding, but that is not elegant, and also is not useful in many
desired cases.
John Cronin
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