Re: [ANNOUNCE] ipvs 0.9.8 available

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Subject: Re: [ANNOUNCE] ipvs 0.9.8 available
From: "tong" <tong@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2001 19:45:06 +0800
Where can I get the configure script for this version?
i.e. in the LVS-mini-HOWTO section 5 Setup LVS using VS-NAT forwarding,
it mentions the confiure script:
    ./configure lvs_nat.conf

which will produce the file rc.lvs_nat.

Where could I get this file for Kernel 2.4.x lvs?



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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] ipvs 0.9.8 available

> Hi,
> The ipvs 0.9.8 tar ball is available on the LVS website. It has some minor
> enhancement. The ChangeLog is as follows:
> IP Virtual Server Netfilter module - Version 0.9.8 - December 11, 2001
> Changes:
> * Added the nat_icmp_send sysctl variable, which is to control
> sending icmp messages for VS/NAT when the load balancer receives
> packets from real servers but the connection entries don't
> exist. It is disabled by default.
> * Tidy up some code of slow timer, such as changing the type of
> __ip_vs_sltimerlist_lock from rwlock to spinlock and the type of
> functions. Thank Julian for reminding me that local_bh_disable
> call that I added in the 0.9.8pre1 is not necessary, and testing
> 0.9.8pre2 on SMP box.
> * Changed to send the member state and flags of connection
> synchronization in network order, instead of host order. It can
> solve the problem that the primary load balancer and the backups
> may have different hardware architectures. Thank Rodger Erickson
> <rerickson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> for the suggestion.
> * Added the functionality of synchronizing connection controller
> each time a connection is synchronized and it has its
> controller. It is useful for persistent service in the IPVS
> connection synchronization. And, change the type of protocol in
> struct ip_vs_sync_conn from __u16 to __u8, then a __u8 space is
> reserved for future development.
> * Fixed the bug of linking a dest into a dest_list in the lblcr
> scheduler.
> As always, bugreports, fixes, comments and suggestions are welcome.
> Wensong
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