[Keepalived] Release 0.5.3

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Subject: [Keepalived] Release 0.5.3
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From: Alexandre Cassen <Alexandre.Cassen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 01:18:22 +0100
Hi all,

I have finaly decided to publish the new code as a major re-design. Most of the code have been revisited to remove some repeated code and modularize the code into a framework. The code is currently not integrating new features but the design is better to add and speed up new contributions/features.

Futur work : VRRP framework patch (mainly in the synchronization instance), integration of the libipvs, support LVS sync_daemon linked to a VRRP instance, netlink vip checker to launch specific checker on a director owning the VIP associated to a checker, ...

Download location :

Changelog bellow :

2002-02-25  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * keepalived-0.5.3 released.
        * Added autoconf / automake generic scripts.
        * Rewrite the configuration file stream parser.
          Using a generic keywords tree. Each keyword refer a specific
          stream handler. The main stream processor is a multilevel
          recursive function getting file stream and backtracking the
          keyword tree. Kind of global compiler structure using event driven
          stream processing.
        * Re-design the global data structure to be much more generic and
          to dissociate LVS configuration related to checkers related. Remove
          static char lenght to use dynamic length strings.
        * Created a global timer framework.
        * Created a global vector template, used in cofiguration file
          parsing (both stream process & keywords tree generation).
        * Created a global list template, used in most of the code.
        * Review the global scheduler to remove repeated code.
        * Created a global checkers API. The design and goal here is to
          facilitate new checkers creation by localizing specific checker
          code into a single file without any other global framework
        * Patched a SSL stream handling race condition finding end of stream.
* Jan Holmberg, review MISC checker to use forked process to not degrade
          global scheduler timer.
        * Revisited the whole code to use new templates structures.
        * Fixed a url lentgh bug into the genhash utility.
* Fabrice Bucher, <fabrice.bucher@xxxxxxxxxx> fixed a timeout_persistence
          bug in the IPVS wrapper code.
* Bradley McLean, <bradlist@xxxxxxxxx> added support to '0' port number service in VS manipulation. Useful for balancing all services (host rather
          than service).
        * Matthijs van der Klip, <matthijs.van.der.klip@xxxxxx> enhanced smtp
          framework to use SMTP header and email enclosed with angle brackets.

Any comments welcome,

Best regards,

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