Re: [Keepalived] Release 0.5.3

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Subject: Re: [Keepalived] Release 0.5.3
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From: "Alexandre CASSEN" <alexandre.cassen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2002 09:43:00 +0100
Hi Alex,

>It's wonderful, that you continue develop your keepalived project.
>And of course users alwaya waiting for a new version. Great, today we

It become hard to find validate time to work on keepalived :/... but will
near find more time.... :)

>have a version 0.5.3. And I can't compile it !
>configure ...
>modprobe: Can't locate module ip_vs
>!!!WARN!!! Your kernel need to be patched with LVS code !!!WARN!!!
>Of course, I don't have module ip_vs.o in RedHat kernel 2.2.19, I have
>rest modules ip_vs_rr.o ip_vs_wrr.o ip_vs_lc.o ip_vs_wlc.o ip_vs_lblc.o
>and it was possible to compile previous version of keepalived with the
>same kernel.

hmm... yes this is because of kernel 2.2.X... I hightly recommand you to
update your LVS code to kernel 2.4.X since it is more robust and improved
than 2.2.X

Anyway, I should have forgotten this 2.2.X part in the autoconf script. To
workaround, follow this step (all done in the keepalived directory):

1. edit Comment the following part :

#KERNEL_VERSION=`uname -r`
#modprobe ip_vs
#if test -f /proc/net/ip_vs; then
#  IPVS_VERSION=`cat /proc/net/ip_vs | head -1 | awk '{ print $5}'`
#  echo
#  echo "!!!WARN!!! Your kernel need to be patched with LVS code
#  echo
#  exit 1

2. rm configure
3. run autoconf
4. run ./configure & compile it....

> Please explain me what to do. ( I don't mean changing your configure
> script , and commment lines about module ip_vs ).

=> The need to be more generic... I have done his part very
quickly, and because my LVS devel platform is 2.4 I have not seen this
trouble :)

Will patch this in the next release, thanks for feedback.

Best regards,

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