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Subject: Re: LVS doesn't work
From: "Michael McConnell" <michaelm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 11:10:01 -0800
Well said Joe.

> Severin Olloz wrote:
> >
> > Hello together...
> >
> > I want to set up a linux-virtual-server system, but it dosn't work at
> Setting up an LVS for a new person requires some new thinking on your part
and is
> somewhat tedious and non-obvious. There are many ways of getting it wrong.
> Our answer uptil now for people like you was to try to figure out
> what you did wrong and set you straight.
> However in the last 3yrs, substantial effort has been put into the HOWTO,
> and scripts (eg the configure script) to enable people who have minimal
> of LVS to setup a working LVS. There is also enough information available
> to setup an LVS by hand from the command line if you understand how an LVS
> I'd like to try a new approach to the "my LVS doesn't work" problem.
> If you can't set one up cold yourself, then rather than getting
> us to figure out what you've done wrong, how about you use the tools
> we've provided to set up an LVS and then once it's working, setup
> one your own way. If you can't get the scripts to work, then we'll
> try to fix those.
> Thanks Joe
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