Re: Redirector project for FreeBSD

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Subject: Re: Redirector project for FreeBSD
From: Joseph Mack <mack.joseph@xxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 11:06:11 -0500
Brent Cook wrote:

> It's called the HighUpTime project. 

People ask about LVS for xxxBSD and my reply is a FAQ.

I don't know what loadd is and I can't imagine why it takes 
so long for everyone to find out about each other's projects. 
I expect the loadd guy knows about us at least. I'd be happy to hear a 
"hello, we're doing something similar" from him and to put a note
in the HOWTO.

A group in England about a year ago put out a press release for
their commercial software which they loudly proclaimed 
as the first and only "Linux Virtual Server". It does different things 
to LVS, but I would have thought they'd first do a google search on 
the name. I assume they didn't know about us. I sent off a "hello, 
we're a Linux Virtual Server project too" letter, but they never replied.

It has something called loadd, which
> hooks into FreeBSD's ipfw (like linux's iptables), to provide load
> balancing. There is also an interesting monitoring, ip-takeover daemon
> called vrrp, which I guess would be similar to mon?

vrrpd is a demon with its own RFC. I think cisco was around in the early
moments of its gestation, and may have initiated the whole thing,
but I don't really know. A French guy has done
an implementation of vrrpd for Linux and gave a talk about it at OLS last
year. Our own Alexandre Cassen (who has fingers in many pies) is doing another
implementation (or fork of the French guy's code) of vrrpd for LVS.

I don't know why Alexandre has had to redo the code - I believe the French
guy doesn't reply to e-mails.

Alexandre's vrrpd together with keepalived etc appears to be the
current front-runner for the all bells and whistles, everything to all men,
software to setup and maintain an HA-LVS. Alexandre is working on it at the 
and someday I expect to be deluged with a stack of documentation that will
take a week to read.

> Loadd doesn't seem quite equivalent to LVS (supports only round-robin and
> least connections, TCP), but it appears to be in the same category. I
> haven't tried it out, but plan to in the next few weeks, just to see if
> there are any nice ideas to cull from the project.

keep us informed.

Joseph Mack PhD, Senior Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin
contractor to the National Environmental Supercomputer Center, 
mailto:mack.joseph@xxxxxxx ph# 919-541-0007, RTP, NC, USA

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