RE: Testprogram

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Subject: RE: Testprogram
From: "Jernberg, Bernt" <Bernt.Jernberg@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 15:00:19 +0100
> The distribution between the three were like 3000, 1500 and 
> 1400 in number of active connections. One realserver seemed 
> to have a constant number of active connections with very few 
> or zero inactive?????

It appeared to be a switch port that was not working correctly.
Running arp -a from one of the realservers showed: 
<ipaddress> at (incomplete) stale not responding

where ipaddress was a virtual address on one of the clients.
Now the lvs seems to distribute the load between the realservers.

Regards /Bernt

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