Re: IPVS Connection Sync Operation Question [SOLVED]

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Subject: Re: IPVS Connection Sync Operation Question [SOLVED]
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From: Sean Knox <sean.knox@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 12:52:40 -0800
Jernberg, Bernt wrote:

I have two LVS daemons in a failover configuration. One LVS server is multicasting sync information as master with the second as the backup. I've confirmed that the backup LVS servers sees the Sync daemon data, however its IPVS table is blank. Is this normal behavior or should I be able to see the backup IPVS table populated with state information?

Do you see any connections with "ipvsadm -Lcn"?

Brent, I can now see the connections on the backup using "ipvsadm -Lcn". Apparently this is the only way to see the synchronization daemon data.

"ipvsadm -L" only shows the actual connections themselves and is only relevant on the master. Thanks for clearing this up.


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