KeepAlived - Running Scripts on Failover

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Subject: KeepAlived - Running Scripts on Failover
Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 08:57:44 +0000
Dear All

Can any one give some advice on the vrrp_sync_group option for keepalived?

I have two directors and two realservers which all work ok using LVS-DR and 
keeplaived, without the use of the above ie with only a single vrrp_instance 
VI_1 instance.

What I now wish to do is have the directors re register with our WINS service 
(only means of client name resolution within organisation), using either the 
DIP or the VIP, by restarting samba with different config scripts depending on 
whether the server is going into backup mode or master mode.

I propose to do this as follows 

vrrp_sync_group VG1 {
  group {
  notify_master ?/path_to_script/smb restart master?
  notify_backup ?/path_to_script/smb restart backup?

Has any one tried this?  Can you foresee any problems? 

Am I right in assuming string within the group directive ie VI_1 has to be the 
same as that within the vrrp_instance directive?

Will the vrrp_sync_group directive work with only one instance?  If not is 
there any other way to get the scripts to run?

Many thanks


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