Re: LVS in Mandrake

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Subject: Re: LVS in Mandrake
From: Horms <horms@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 16:42:21 +1030
On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 06:13:27PM +0700, Ariyo Nugroho wrote:
> Hi Guys!
> You know what, when I was exploring packages included in Mandrake 8.0, I
> found a strange package: lvs. Wow. And I'm sure that I never selected to
> install this package. But it's already installed in my computer. So, I
> guess it's included in the standard installation. I thought it's a very
> good news. I could install LVS without any pains recompiling kernel. All
> I need is just Mandrake's standard installation.
> But, unfortunately, when I tried to run ipvsadm, it didn't work. It said
> that may be the kernel was not configured with IPVS support. Hmm.. What
> does this mean? Does it mean that Mandrake included lvs package, but
> they forget to include the support into the kernel?
> Recently, I got Mandrake 9.2. And I also found lvs there. But, when I
> tried to run ipvsadm, I got the same message. 
> So, does anybody have explanation about this? I've searched in
> Mandrake's website and found nothing about this.

This most likely means that either the kernel has not include LVS,
or it has been compiled as a kernel module but it is not being loaded
for some reason - LVS should do this automatically.

If you are running a custom kernel that is older than 2.4.21 then you
will need to go to and apply the patches
available there. If you are a running a Mandrake supplied kernel
then I would guess that LVS is included - though I am not sure.
Try running "modprobe ip_vs", or perhaps searching to find
which Mandrake package includes ip_vs.o

Horms -> (in real life, not email)
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