RE: How to set up an elementary LVS

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Subject: RE: How to set up an elementary LVS
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Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 10:29:29 +0530
Thank u peter,
I could find a solution myself.
It has to do with the path given in makefile of the ipvsadm i have used. now
its fine..
thanks for ur help and would ask u ppl again for help if i come cross any

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Subject: RE: How to set up an elementary LVS

> since i came to know that ipvs became part of the kernel from
> 2.6.10, i opted for fedora core 4 for director. the real
> servers run fedora core 2. The proble is that i have taken
> the ipvasadm patch of 1.24 and extarcted it. but i am not
> able to complie it with a make as was given in
> documentation.i am not going for the kernel update as its
> already kernel 2.6.11. So can u people please let me know
> what are all teh stped involved and may be direct me to a
> step by step guide to setting up lvs(director) on fedora with
> teh given settings

You should use the Fedora supplied ipvsadm.  Ipvsadm on the LVS site is
tested for baseline kernels, not distributions.  If you can't find an
for Fedora you can try:

- Recompiling RHEL4 src.rpm.
- Baseline kernel with baseline ipvsadm.
- Posting your compile error.  Note that people will probably not respond
quickly until you at least try one of the other two options.

> Regds
> Vijay



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