Re: Does lvs syncd handle persistent connections?

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Subject: Re: Does lvs syncd handle persistent connections?
From: Ranga Nathan <kairanga@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 19:24:40 -0800
I found that the failover keeps the connections but the failback loses them.
I tested this by rebooting the master. The backup takes over the connections but after the reboot, the master snatches back but loses them.
Do you have "autofailback on" in the heartbeat configuration?

Dominik Klein wrote:

Question is all in the subject I guess.

From what I see it does not - but maybe I missed some configuration.
Right now, if a failover occurs, clients are not forwarded to the same realserver as before the failover.

I did some search on the mailing list and found topics about this that were about 2 years old, so I thought to just give it a shot and ask if there was an update yet.

Thanks for any reply - even if it is just a "no, it doesn't".

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