Re: Hosting with LVS-DR or NAT?

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Subject: Re: Hosting with LVS-DR or NAT?
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William, thank you for your insight! Quick question, how do you guys administer your DR, when you need to add another client? Do you guys map a static internal address to a static address on the DR?
   Just trying to understand how to write my scripts :)


William Olson wrote:
I can't speak to the specific drawbacks of either method, but we have been
running a shared hosting system with many static ips for SSL via NAT for a
couple years now with no real notable problems.

Good Luck!

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Subject: Hosting with LVS-DR or NAT?


I am facing a dilema right now. Need to position and design the cluster for future growth/needs. If i have several web sites, which require static ips for ssl... are there any drawbacks between running eith er lvs-dr or lvs-nat?

i am leaning towards the lvs-nat since i dont have to face the arp problem

    vasiliyb thanks for ALL you great remarks :)


Vasiliy Boulytchev
Colorado Information Technologies

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