Re: Problem Routing SSH

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Subject: Re: Problem Routing SSH
From: deley@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 14:38:41 -0500
> there is no difference betwen ssh and telnet as far as LVS 
> is concerned. If one is working and the other not, then the 
> problem is elsewhere.

Any suggestions on where the problem might be? Based on the 
documentation that i have, I think i have this setup right. What files 
need modified to make this work?

> HOWTO.html#connection_hangs_entries_in_inactconn

I ran "watch -n 1 'ipvsadm -Ln'" while trying to connect thru SSH and 
it imediatly goes to InActConn.

> do you have a good reason for persistence? If you can't give 
> me one, or don't know what it's doing there, you shouldn't 
> have it.

I used persistence because it was in the documentation that was left by 
the contractor when they setup the telnet redirection.

> HOWTO.html#filter_rules
> Joe

I have turned off the filter rule for ssh.

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