RE: failover with large number (say 1024) of VIPs

To: "' users mailing list.'" <lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: failover with large number (say 1024) of VIPs
From: "William Olson" <ntadmin@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 16:28:40 -0800
> It seems that any 
> production LVS director would be a faster machine and do 
> 1024 IPs in 2-3 secs. I don't know enough about his system 
> to know why it takes 2-3 mins for 200 IPs.

In our previous load balancer configs (scripts then later ldirectord + HA)
we experienced the same time lags during failover situations(ex. Stopping
heartbeat on the master).  Our systems were 700+mhz Dell servers w/at least
512mb ram.  They operated in a Master/Backup pair(NAT), each with 2 nics(one
for external and one for internal network).

Haresources file was used to start and stop ospfd and run IPaddr2 for each
of the at least 200  VIPs.

You could literally count seconds between each VIP going up/send_arp and the

We have consequently switched to keepalived which has alleviated this
problem, however the old load balancer pair(due to be retired next week
sometime) will be at my disposal if you would like more information.

-Billy Olson

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