Re: failover with large number (say 1024) of VIPs

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Subject: Re: failover with large number (say 1024) of VIPs
From: Christian Bronk <chbr@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 13:36:44 +0100

when they still use ifconfig they have to serialize the startups, because with 
ifconfig you must have different alias interfaces.
If they then send two arp broadcasts with send_arp (with delay of 1s) the 
complete server takeover will last 3min.

To makes this faster they have to rewrite their Code to use the ip from the 
iproute2 package and try to startup the IP´s in paralell.



Joseph Mack NA3T schrieb:
> I just got an offlist message from someone whose machines take 2-3 mins
> to failover. They bring up 200 VIPs with ifconfig on the director which
> is assuming the master role (and take them down on the one which is
> assuming the secondary role). I just ran a loop of 4*254 of `ip addr add
> ....` followed by `ip addr del ...` which took 10secs in each direction
> on a 200MHz machine. It seems that any production LVS director would be
> a faster machine and do 1024 IPs in 2-3 secs. I don't know enough about
> his system to know why it takes 2-3 mins for 200 IPs.
> Do people coordinate the changeover one VIP at a time, or do you let
> communication drop for 2-3 secs during a scheduled changeover?
> Do people bring up their VIPs like this or do you have them up all the
> time on both directors and run one arp-tables command to unblock them on
> one machine?
> Thanks Joe

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