LVS Question?

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Subject: LVS Question?
From: "spamsucks72" <spamsucks72@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2006 11:11:01 -0500
Hello All,

I am working on a trying to use LVS to do the following.

My question is can an open source load balancer function like my old
(broken) F5 in the architecture below? 

Here is the current load balancer architecture with the F5:
1) There is only IP sub network (,, broadcast
2) Load balancer setup to use only one NIC (F5 calls it Load balancer on a

Virtual IP address and port:
GW (Firewall): (Box1)
Real Servers: (Box2), (Box3)
Load Balancer Real: (Box4)
Load Balancer SNAT:

The Current flow of traffic:
1) Internet Client accesses 
2) FW Box1 passes traffic to the Load balancer
3) The LB rewrites the packet putting the SNAT address in as the client
4) The LB sends the new packet the chosen real server (based on whatever
algorithm is being used - Round Robin)
5) The real server serves up the page back the SNAT (LB) address.
6) The LB rewrites the packet and sends it back to the internet client.

Has anyone set something like that up or know of a way to set something like
that up?  I have setup LVS with 2 NICs and networks, where the LB is the FW
too but I can not do that in this case.

Any thoughts?

Thanks, JMF

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