Re: Problem with nated virtual ip

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Subject: Re: Problem with nated virtual ip
From: Christian Bronk <chbr@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 16:07:07 +0200

1. what is the default gw of the loadbalancer?
2. Have you disabled icmp redirects on the loadbalancer?
3 are you shure that you have the IP on you lvs and your first 



Julian de Anquin schrieb:
> Hi all
> Hi facing the following problem with lvs load balancing
> I'll try to explain de scenario, if i'm missing something that would
> be usefull for you to helpme , please let me know
> The LVS server has the,
> with the as virtual addres this address is made available
> to the internet via NAT by a PIX Cisco Firewall
> the that;s the internal ip where it comunicates with the
> real servers.
> and as virtul private ip that is used by the real servers
> RealServer 1 has in the internal network with gw
> and the ip that has access to go to mi database server,
> with gw
> The problem is as follows.
> If i point to, the virtual ip, everything goes fine, the
> real serves are reached, they reache the database server, and give the
> response back to the client.
> However if the client if on internet, and points to the real ip, eg
>, that gets nated to, the connection hags
> and no response its get back to the server.
> Any clue on this? anyone has face the same problem?
> --
> Julian Eduardo de Anquin
> thekiwie@xxxxxxxxx
> Cordoba, Argentina
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