Re: How can I flush the connection table?

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Subject: Re: How can I flush the connection table?
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Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 03:51:33 -0700
Sounds great. I assume it expires individual entries rather than the entire persistence table?

I have it enabled on my 2.6 LVS boxes and I'll give it a try.  Thanks!

On Jun 30, 2006, at 12:15 AM, Horms wrote:

In article <2242CF76-779F-4FF4-9F99-D1DE56811F17@xxxxxxxxxxx> you wrote:
In my experience, I've had to remove the real server entirely when I
have persistence active.  Unless of course you're willing to wait an
hour :).  But I also have had new connections continue to trickle in
to a zero-weight real server in the absence of persistence, so I
think there's also a general issue where a zero weight isn't
literally zero.

I remove real servers within health monitoring in the general case,
as opposed to zero-weighting them.  If zero worked as expected, that
slightly drastic measure (hard connection interruptions, orphans)
wouldn't be necessary.

I belive that the problem you are seeing is the problem that is
addressed by /proc/sys/net/ipv4/vs/expire_quiescent_template

expire_quiescent_template - BOOLEAN
        0 - disabled (default)
        not 0 - enabled

        When set to a non-zero value, the load balancer will expire
        persistant templates when the destination server is quiescent.
        This may be useful, when a user makes a destination server
        quiescent by setting its weight to 0 and it is desired that
        subsequent otherwise persistant connections are sent to a
        different destination server.  By default new persistant
        connections are allowed to quiescent destination servers.

        If this feature is enabled, the load balancer will expire the
        persistance template if it is to be used to schedule a new
        connection and the destination server is quiescent.

(I'm currently trying to work out why that and related documentation
 is missing from the kernel tree) msg00224.html

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