Re: [lvs-users] Another LVS statistics grapher

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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] Another LVS statistics grapher
From: taqu <taqumd@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2009 00:29:42 +0900
Hi, I've just releaded new version of lvs_stats.
It include only following bug fix.
* fix bug ( color of aggregated vs graph become monochrome )
this fix is quick fix, so supported number of virtual server is 50.
you can add more color to "color_list".

(sorry for my late reply)
>  Does you project support VIPs defined by firewall marks?
Currently my scripts don't support firewall mark, and also don't
support UDP service.
I think it is easy , but I didn't need it.
I will support UDP and fwmark in next release.

My impression about lvs_snmp module and cacti monitorig is following
 I wanted to use cacti if I could, but 2 or 3 month's struggle with
snmp_module, I give up and began to create original monitorig tool
One big reason is SNMP OID(which refer each VS) changes by each adding
or removing vs and reload.
This change become cacti's graph confusing, and editing each graph
title on cacti became mismatch , because same OID no longer reffer
same VS.
I tried to fix this problem by patching lvs_snmp module but I finally
notice , to fix this, I may keep OID and VS mapping in external
configration file, and it mean lvs-user need manage this
 mapping through configuration file.


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