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Subject: Re: [lvs-users] debian lenny-lvs virtual IP
From: "L.S. Keijser" <l.keijser@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2009 16:29:19 +0100
2009/2/16 Marek Soha <marek@xxxxxxx>

> It's not one node cluster...topology is:
> loadb1-sql2
> |
> sql1

That's a one node cluster. You can have as many realservers (in your case
sql1 and sql2) as you want, it still remains from a heartbeat point of view
a one-node (namely loadb1) cluster.

I want loadb1 to do loadbalancing the mysql load to two database
> servers without MASQ.

Okay, you want LVS-DR then, not LVS-NAT. Have you read the LVS-HOWTO on

One question is - it is possible topology?


> I solved it by creating only ldirector configuration with MASQ and wrr

Wait. First of all, what did you *solve*? Second, you just said you didn't
want MASQ.

> loadbalancing but...if it is possible to solve it also with heartbeat
> I want to know it because of my "education" :)

I suggest reading the HOWTO then. It's a very good 'education'. Start with
the mini-HOWTO and take the LVS-DR setup. Forget about heartbeat. Forget
about more nodes. Forget about databases. Forget about ldirectord. Just take
your loadb1, configure LVS-DR on it with ipvsadm. Take your sql1 and setup a
telnet server or whatever (ssh works too). Then get a connection from
client->loadb1->sql1 working. Once you get that working, set up ldirector so
it configures the LVS table for you.

Finally, you only need heartbeat if you plan on having more than 1
loadbalancer (director).  Oh and read about the arp problem.

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