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Subject: [lvs-users] [ANNOUNCE] keepalived 1.2.1
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From: Alexandre Cassen <acassen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 2010 16:33:21 +0100
Hi folks,

Just take time last night to push pending patch :)

Will submit a new release later on this month to add full v6 support for
IPVS part (it seems v6 is growing up ;))

ChangeLog for this release looks like :

2010-12-08  Alexandre Cassen  <acassen@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
        * keepalived-1.2.1 released.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          VRRP: Fix incorrect computation for packet size
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          VRRP: handle passwords up to 8 characters
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          When updating weight, check quorum state.
          MISC check can update the weight of a real server. This
          can lead to a change in quorum state.
          We factor out quorum handling from perform_svr_state()
          into a new function update_quorum_state() that will check if
          the quorum state changed and if yes, update sorry server    
          exec quorum commands and add back or remove alive real servers
          (with existing function perform_quorum_state()).
          This patch is mostly cut'n'paste and adding a call to
          update_quorum_state() in update_svr_wgt(). We also make
          perform_svr_state() and update_quorum_state() almost 
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          Fix an infinite loop in master transition with sync groups.
          This patch is from Arjan Filius. See:

          When transitioning to master state, keepalived might try to
          force transition to master state of other VRRP instances into
          the same group before their transition is complete. This leads
          to an infinite loop with huge VRRP trafic.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          VRRP : Use VRRP_PRIO_DFL instead of 100 for default priority.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          Use netpacket/packet.h instead of linux/if_packet.h to get
          linux/if_packet.h pulls linux/types.h that should not be used
          by a userland program since types defined here can conflict
          with stdint.h. We use netpacket/packet.h which is a GNU LibC
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          Keep current weight on reload when initial weight is not
          Weight can be changed by MISC_CHECK when using dynamic option.
          In case of reload, the change is lost until the script runs
          again. We record the initial weight in a separate variable and
          use it to check if a real server has changed instead of using
          the actual weight.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          VRRP : disabled scripts and initially good scripts should be
          considered as OK.
          When a script is not weighted, its failure will lead to a
          failure of the associated VRRP instance. However, disabled
          script and scripts that are initially good (after a reload)
          should be considered as successful and not make the instance
          fail.  Moreover, a disabled script should not be used when
          computing script weights.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          VRRP : more informative message when disabling a script due
          to use of weights.
          When using a weight for a tracked script, the script is
          disabled.  However, the warning message said that the weight
          was ignored. We change the message to tell that the script is
          ignored. Moreover, we don't change its weight since it can be
          used in another instance, not in a SYNC group.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          check : include missing virtual server group name in a log
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          configure: add a check for ETHERTYPE_IPV6.
          ETHERTYPE_IPV6 defined in net/ethernet.h is pretty recent.
          If absent, we hard-code the value into CFLAGS. This patch
          requires regeneration of configure.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          check : update server weight in IPVS only if server is alive
          and in the pool.
          With inhibit_on_failure, a server can be in the pool and not
          alive. We don't want to set the weight of an inhibited server
          or a server in a virtual server whose qorum is not met yet.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          check: really add back inhibited server when quorum is gained
          A previous change contained an erroneous check to add back
          alive servers when quorum state was gained. This check was
          incompatible with inhibit_on_failure. When servers were added
          back in the pool, the weight was not updated accordingly.
        * Vincent Bernat <bernat <at>>:
          check : update server weight despite quorum when no sorry
          In absence of a sorry server, the logic is to not use quorum
          except to run commands when quorum is gained or lost. This
          means that if a MISC check modifies the weight of a server
          and there is no sorry server, we do not consider quorum.


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