"sticky" connections

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Subject: "sticky" connections
From: "Ted Pavlic" <tpavlic_list@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 12:29:05 -0400
Does the VLS in any way support the notion of "sticky" connections? For
example, most load balancers can be configured to relay connections from a
host back to the same real server if they recently connected to that real

So... (assuming rr algorithm)

host-A contacts Virtual1 and connects to Real1
host-B contacts Virtual1 and connects to Real2
host-A contacts Virtual1 (within 5 minutes of first connection) and connects
to Real1
host-C contacts Virtual1 and connects to Real3
host-A contacts Virtual1 (after 5 minutes) and connects to Real4

See what happened the second and third time host-A tried to connect? Host-A
went back to Real1 when the connection was within five minutse of the last
connection. Host-A was handled regularly after five minutes.

On a side note, it might also be nice to have a function of the
LinuxDirector to forward ALL ports of an IP to an real server... To
LoadBalance the entire machine. Filtering of invalid IPs can happen at the
router level in front of the LB. (Coupled with sticky connections, this
would make passive-ftp and other similar conventions a lot easier)

Transparent load balancing support might also be nice -- with wildcards and

Anyway -- if anyone has information about sticky connections, it would be
much appreciated. I recently sent my LocalDirector back to Cisco being very
disappointed... I got a BIG/ip instead ... and was actually even more
disappointed. The LinuxDirector seems like a solution for me... but I don't
know if it's all grown up yet. :(

All the best --

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