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This screams for th CODA File system. the page at has been my base for
load balanced/highly available web servers since I started the project. It
outlines how CODA FS fits in with LVS. Now if they would just add CODA
support to NT....(or if my employer would figure out that we really should
be using a unix based OS for our web servers..) :P

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On Fri, 16 Jun 2000, Raphael Quoilin wrote:

> Hello to this group,
> At or
> ..

nice image

> The 4 computers that have been masqueradized are Netfinity Computers
> running Linux RedHat 6.2 - Kernel 2.2.16. Those computers will run Apache
> - Free Web-Hosting Account inside an university.

I'll assume you're running an httpd on port 80 on each realserver.

> what should I add to the kernel to provide the masqueradized network
> with access accross the Virtual Server ?

I'm not sure what you're asking here. Can you explain more what you
mean here.

> Where should I write that /john's account is in the first Netfinity
> computer, /maria is the third... Who manages that ? What are the tools to
> perform a such management ?

Again you'll have to fill me in a bit more.  If you put port 80 on the 4
realservers under the control of the LVS director then you'll appear to
have a single computer with 4 times the capacity of the original computer.
The other ports (eg 23 for telnet) are left as originally installed, so
john could telnet to machine1 and maria could telnet to her account on
machine2. Why are people logging on to personal accounts onto a large

Hmm thinking some more. People are uploading their webpage stuff to the
server? All four machines must present the same data to the client,
since you don't choose which machine people connect to. You would need
a directory where everyone writes, and which gets copied (every 10mins,
hr, day) to the documentroot of the 4 webservers.


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