To GPL or not to GPL, that is the question ?

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Subject: To GPL or not to GPL, that is the question ?
From: Malcolm Turnbull <Malcolm.Turnbull@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 10:27:48 +0100

I've been playing with and learning about LVS for some time now and I think its great !

So first of all a big thanks to everyone involved (I won't list names 'cause I'll probably miss someone out.)

I've started up a small company building custom Linux loadbalancers using Linux/LVS/Heartbeat/Ldirectord and my own web based interface.

I'm currently in negotiations with a hardware appliance builder to licence the software.. so I need to make sure they don't screw me over !

But I believe in the GPL (my wife is not so sure) so how do I protect my work ?

So I'm thinking :

1) All source code should be protected by the GPL
2) My bootable ISO image is mine and don't nick it
2) But I'd still like people to be able to use the ISO as long as they dont flog it (like SUSE).

So I came up with :

# Copyright Limited 2002

# This text file is copyright limited and must not be re-distributed or sold without express permission of Limited # The purpose of this is to allow to distribute licensed copies of our software and lower the risk of someone stealing our hard work. # We are taking a BIG RISK in allowing the source code to be fully GPL and OpenSource because we believe it is the proper way to sell our services.

# grants individuals the right to use copy and use this file for NO ROYALTY
# You may also make as many backups as you require.
# This applies to any file containing this text, it does not effect the source code which is protected by the GPL.

# The bootable ISO image of the appliance contains software that is NOT PROTECTED BY THE GPL
# but is copyright Limited 2002.
# i.e. many copies of this file hidden in various places to make it difficult to remove a.k.a the Red Hat method.

Does anyone have any comments on this ?

I thought I'd better ask before I make the first ISO available for download.



Malcolm Turnbull. Ltd
01344 629629

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