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Subject: Re: Persistance and LVS
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Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 19:15:11 +0100

You don't seem to have many users so why not just set persistence to 45mins.

A better solution would be to have persistent sessions on your webmail servers then you won't need persistence at all.

pb wrote:
Hello LVS / Piranha,

I have PERSISTENCE set to 900 (15 min) for HTTPS/HTTP
which shows up like this with "lvsadm -L"
TCP wlc persistent 900
-> rserver1:https Masq 1 3 47 -> rserver2:https Masq 1 1 211 -> rserver3:https Masq 1 1 224

We use this for Mirapoint WEBMAIL.  Some people have
recently complained that for about a month, they begin
experiencing INVALID SESSION ID errors after typing in
a lengthy email and clicking SEND.
We've been using Piranha/LVS for a couple years, and
never seen this, and it is not everyone having this
problem, many do not.  We're checking with our mail
vendor too, but we just recently upgraded

      Red Hat Linux 7.3 + Piranha

Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS v3 + Piranha Cluster Svcs

about 45 days ago - thats how long one of the two
Piranha clusters has been up.

Any insite as to how PERSISTENTS of 15 minutes facors
into someone typing a message in WEBMAIL for example
for 30 minutes, would be well appreciated.


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