ARP problems + patch (the last?)

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Subject: ARP problems + patch (the last?)
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From: "Axel Dunkel" <ad@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1999 19:10:08 +0200

even after the arp patch I still had problems with DR and local clients. I 
tracked this down to the following: a local client connects to the farm 
address, the VS machine forwards the packet to a real server. If this very 
real server does not have an arp entry for the local client, it sends out an 
arp request for the local client - and gets stuck since he is using the farm 
address (the request gets blocked by the arp patch). So the local client 
does not get a reply until the real server has an arp entry (due to some 
other traffic). I hope this was the last ARP problem. :-)

I patched arp.c again to let those arp's through but to change the ip adress 
of the request to the main ip address of the very interface where the 
request gets send.

So, I include two patches: one for plain 2.2.12/2.2.13pre6 (dunkel-
vs+arp.patch) and the other one for 2.2.12/2.2.13pre6 with the arp patch 
applied (dunkel-vs.patch).

It finally works here, but - as usual - use at your own is 

Nice weekend,

Systemberatung A. Dunkel GmbH, Gutenbergstr. 5, D-65830 Kriftel
Tel.: +49-6192-9988-0, Fax: +49-6192-9988-99,   E-Mail: ad@xxxxxxxxx

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