Re: ARP problems + patch (the last?)

To: Julian Anastasov <uli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: ARP problems + patch (the last?)
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From: "Axel Dunkel" <ad@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 11:34:43 +0200

> > other traffic). I hope this was the last ARP problem. :-)
>       Nope, this is not the last ARP problem. You can't use
> ip_dev_find(src_ip). It doesn't lookup the device by IFF_UP and can find
> device which is DOWN. This prevents two interfaces with same IP to
> coexist (only one with IFF_UP). The problem is to implement the code which
> use IFF_UP as search key.

While you are right (but this is a problem of the original arp patch) I think 
the circumstances where this happens are hopefully very rare. But anyhow, 
I include a patch :-) that detects the problem, logs it and lets the packet 
through, so at least people know there is something happening and how 
to fix it. If this turns out to be a real problem, well, then I'll gladly write 
fn_hash_lookup function that returns only the up interfaces...


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