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Subject: Re: load balanced http servers
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From: J Saunders <jsaunders@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 1999 13:02:33 +0100
Gabriel Neagoe wrote:
> hello
> i think that using NFS is not fault tolerant (if the nfs server breaks you
> have a biiiiiiig problem)
> IMHO using CODA fs would be a better idea

What if the information was being built from a database, and could be
rebuilt from the database? The database would use RAID for fault
tolerance. My idea was to avoid querying the database all the time and
having to format the pages on-the-fly. This way, information is at most
one minute out of date, but avoids overloading the SQL server and
slowing up response times.

Would CODA have a significant speed advantage if the NFS (or NetBlock
Device) server and web servers are on a local 100BaseTX network, and the
webservers are connected to the internet via a 2Mbit line?

I can see that CODA would reduce local network traffic and would enable
continued serving of pages if the server went down. However, as far as
performance goes, does it have anything over Net Block Device?


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