Re: brainforce lbc is a lvs

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Subject: Re: brainforce lbc is a lvs
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From: Padraig Brady <padraig@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 15:47:19 +0000
Joseph Mack wrote:

Kees Hoekzema wrote:


Yes it uses LVS, I currently have 2 brainforce (one4net actually)
loadbalancers here
working together in an HA cluster using standard LVS tools.

Do they acknowlege LVS in the docs? Do you have the source
code for the kernel/lvs? Can you ask them for it?

It is on an flash, so upgrading / adding new features is not working, too

bad ;)

the whole OS/utils/bin/sbin etc is on flash? That's not bad.
Can't you write to a flash card?

Yes you can write to flash. Compact flash actually has an IDE
controller built in, so you can treat it just like a hard disk.
However there are (albeit high) limits on the number of times
you can actually write to a particular address so the software
has to take account of this (for e.g. putting swap on flash
will probably break it very quickly).

To blatantly plug our box, we have a 1U integrated appliance
which has NO MOVING PARTS. I.E. no fans, harddisk, ...
The interesting bit is it uses LVS, which of course any of
our modifications are GPL'd (some of which we've pushed back
to this list last week). Our box integrates stateful firewalling
+ LVS + VPN which is hard, trust me. And it's presented to the
user in a simple web interface.

For more info see:


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