RE: Can LVS do this?

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Subject: RE: Can LVS do this?
Cc: 'Gre7g Luterman' <gre7g@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
From: Peter Mueller <pmueller@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 12:47:33 -0800
> Does anyone out there know (and hopefully can explain it in small 
> words as I am new at LVS) a way to improve our immunity to crappy net 
> service?

As you might have guessed by now, there are quite a few things you can at
least try to do.  Your mileage is going to vary quite a bit, but at the very
least I think you'll improve your site somewhat.

A lot of people have answered with their own idea of what could be done, but
nobody seems to have asked you questions about your setup..

#1 - what's your actual budget?  (say $0 if you want, some of us have the
same budget and understand :P)
#2a - please tell me what ISP you are using so I know to avoid it.
#2b - have you thought about switching ISPs?  speakeasy hosts on PNAP and is
just phenomenal!  (for those who do not know what PNAP is - it is an attempt
to avoid "public exchange points" and all the evil that goes with them.
think mae-west, mae-east, and of course everyone's favorite palo alto..)..
#2c - {ever had your packets routed to Switzerland to get to Chicago? lol..}

#3a - have you thought about utilizing multiple ISPs in hot standby and
doing a "quick switch" dynamic dns solution?
#3b - what kind of traffic are we actually talking about here?

#4 - depending on the above, what about a switch to a cheap colo?  for
example, hurricane electric isn't all that great, but they must be better
than an ISP that lets your servers not get any SYNs..


PS - good to see freebsd & linux working together again :)

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