FW: Can LVS do this?

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Subject: FW: Can LVS do this?
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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 13:36:48 -0800
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It looked like the resounding answer was "no", so I jumped off the 
mailing list and decided to pursue other avenues.  Since you CC'd me 
directly, I thought I might as well respond so as not to appear a 
total dickhead.  Feel free to post back to the list if you like.

> As you might have guessed by now, there are quite a few things you can
> at least try to do.  Your mileage is going to vary quite a bit, but at
> the very least I think you'll improve your site somewhat. 
> A lot of people have answered with their own idea of what could be
> done, but nobody seems to have asked you questions about your setup.. 
> #1 - what's your actual budget?  (say $0 if you want, some of us have the
> same budget and understand :P)

The site is earning roughly $1500/mo and our expenses run about 
$750/mo.  This leaves us some room to spend.

> #2a - please tell me what ISP you are using so I know to avoid it.

We were using Sprint ION and it was GREAT, but they canned the 
program and I was left out in the cold.

> #2b - have you thought about switching ISPs?  speakeasy hosts on PNAP
> and is just phenomenal!  (for those who do not know what PNAP is - it
> is an attempt to avoid "public exchange points" and all the evil that
> goes with them. think mae-west, mae-east, and of course everyone's
> favorite palo alto..).. 

I'm afraid I don't know what a PNAP or "public exchange point" is.

I like Speakeasy as they seem very friendly, eager to help, and have 
great services like online bill-pay, but I am getting very 
inconsistent service from them.  Early to mid afternoon on most days 
slows to a crawl.

> #2c - {ever had your packets routed to Switzerland to get to Chicago?
> lol..} 

My packets go to New York first which is probably part of the 
problem.  I live in Kansas City.  I am moving soon and will try 
Speakeasy again before I change ISPs.  I'm hoping that in Utah I will 
be far enough west that they will bounce my packets somewhere closer 
to get them to the backbone.

> #3a - have you thought about utilizing multiple ISPs in hot standby
> and doing a "quick switch" dynamic dns solution? 

I have not seriously entertained that.  What I am entertaining is 
keeping one server here in KC and taking another server with me, 
putting them on different ISPs and then load balancing by sessions 
based on lag time.  It's hardly the ultimate solution as some people 
will still be burdened by slow-downs, but at least it won't be 

> #3b - what kind of traffic are we actually talking about here?

The business is a graphic chat (  We don't move a huge 
amount of data to any one user and the user base is relatively small 
at the moment (no more than 70 simultaneous users) but response time 
is of the essence.  An extra 5 seconds in any delivery is a painful 

> #4 - depending on the above, what about a switch to a cheap colo?  for
> example, hurricane electric isn't all that great, but they must be
> better than an ISP that lets your servers not get any SYNs.. 

<sighs>  We used to be co-located.  Dealing with the dishonesty of 
the colo really burned us and made us switch over to a "let's do it 
all ourselves" sort of philosophy.  I honestly think a distributed 
approach is the ultimate goal for us, so I'd rather keep servers in a 
variety of places than sticking all of my eggs in one basket.

> PS - good to see freebsd & linux working together again :)

FreeBSD is pretty cool, but we're trying Mandrake on the newest 
server.  Depending on how the experiment goes, it is hard to say what 
we'll end up with.

Thanks a ton for taking the time to reply to my questions.  It is 
people like those on this group who will help insure that 
inexpensive, non-monopolistic solutions continue to thrive.


Gre7g Luterman   gre7g@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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