Re: Gateway between CIP and VIP on LVS-NAT.

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Subject: Re: Gateway between CIP and VIP on LVS-NAT.
From: "Carlos J. Ramos" <cjramos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 10:43:58 +0100
Joseph Mack wrote:
Wayne wrote:

When you do NAT, you front IP address and real server
IP address can not be in the same network.

Actually you can now.


As I said, yes i can do this.
The problem is that there is a gateway between the CIP and VIP, CIP( it is not in the same network that VIP(, but the CIP needs to go through a gateway ( &, and this gateway it is in the same network of the VIP.

So using the information of this URL ...O/LVS-HOWTO-12.html#ss12.12 , I can do request from the gateway (acting as the CIP) to the VIP. But not from the computer that has to be the CIP: doctor, in the other side of the gateway...

eth1  eth0   public IP       eth0   public IP
eth2  public IP          eth1     eth0:1
                         eth1:0    eth1
     |                       |                 |
RealServer1            RealServer2             Realserver3
eth0 eth0  eth0

Thanks a lot.

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