Re: Gateway between CIP and VIP on LVS-NAT.

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Subject: Re: Gateway between CIP and VIP on LVS-NAT.
From: "Carlos J. Ramos" <cjramos@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 15:37:45 +0100
Joseph Mack wrote:
"Carlos J. Ramos" wrote:

No, unfortunately request to LVS services from the machine outside the
gateway does not work under any condition.

OK summary now: LVS is accessible from the gateway. The LVS is not accessible
from the remote machine. When you bring down the LVS by clearing the ipvsadm
table, and bring up a service on port 80 on the director, you can access the service on director:80 from the remote node. You don't have any filter rules
on the gateway.

I don't have any ideas I'm sorry. I think you'll have to brute force this
one with tcpdump and see where the packets get hung up. Watch for icmp replies
saying something is not accessible or tcp packets that don't get replies.


Ok I will keep you informed.


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