Re: VRRP & sync_instance & low-level NIC monitoring

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Subject: Re: VRRP & sync_instance & low-level NIC monitoring
From: Alexandre Cassen <Alexandre.Cassen@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 23:51:41 +0100

> You mean the stuff at [1]? I think you could use it for the missing VMAC
> implementation in Alexandre's VRRPd framework, but honestly I don't yet

        Yes, [1]. For VMAC I'm just finishing iparp - ARP filtering
via rtnetlink. In the next days I'll finish testing and documentation.
Another reason Alexandre to be happy :)

!!!! Excellent ! :)

> understand the concept of the medium_id. But how come you don't know how

        The concept is simple:

- define medium_id for each interface

- optionally, enable all/proxy_arp without worrying for
problems (without this knowledge proxy_arp replies for
everything, i.e. by default it is assumed that each device is
attached to different medium)

        I already implemented rp_filter extension that is aware
of the medium_id values - useful for environments with rp_filter
protection and multiple subnets on interfaces attached to same
hub/medium (arp_prefsrc was simply a work-around which is not

Ok, so for VMAC for example you send via netlink an proxy_arp update query with the VMAC/VIP wanted ?

Then using this medium_id you can replies to ARP request for non local-ARP addresses ?

Sounds very nice,

Best regs,

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