Re: Distributed Filesystem

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Subject: Re: Distributed Filesystem
From: Jacob Coby <jcoby@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 13:31:14 -0400
Josef Pospisil wrote:
Dear mailinglist,

i have a problem. I want to loadbalance several webservers. But there is also a MYSQL database. And i want to have the same content in all databases (for example if a user writes a news or something i want to have it in all databases). Of course i could use one MYSQL database for all webservers but i would loose the redundancy. Somebody told me i could do that with Distributed Filesystem. But what exactly is distributed filesystem and how does it work? Or is there any other way to keep all databases up to date?

You can't just access the same DB from all web servers? It's far easier to add redundant web servers than redundant databases, if you care about data integrity.

If you really need several databases, you'll have to look into replication. MySQL has some form of it (I'm not sure of the details). PostgreSQL has Slony. All of the big db vendors have replication.

A distributed filesystem will not help with a db.

I think there are also things that send the same UPDATE/DELETE commands to all databases, but pulls SELECTS from whichever one is least loaded. You are not guaranteed the data will remain in sync.

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