Re: LVS on as RedHat Linux Advanced Server 3

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Subject: Re: LVS on as RedHat Linux Advanced Server 3
From: Christophe Mailhebuau <christophe.mailhebuau@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 17:12:09 +0100

On redhat you must install piranah and cluster suite.

Subscribe channel and up2date.

Personally i don't use it. I ve 4 box, but i preferred to installing
package from

Load balancing, Failover  run sucessfully.

I use on 2 box drbd to.


Le 23/02/06 at  15:58, Hassan EL ALLOUSSI a ecrit:
>I have a problem in installing load-balancing on RedHat Linux Advanced
>1/ The AS version has already the ipvs library installed. So I tried to
>compile directly ipvsadm and installed it, configured it (http for
>example). When I check from a client, the request is correct but the
>director is afterward blocked. And thus I should reboot the server.
>2/ I tried to install the patch (recommendation of Mr Roberto Nibali -
>thanks for him): the patch is not well installed (I have hunk error). I
>continued, compiled the kernel, having problem with ipvs library. And
>finaly ipvsadm doesn't work.
>Have you any help about my problem.
>Best regards
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