[lvs-users] Generic UPD "connect" check feature for ldirectord?

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Subject: [lvs-users] Generic UPD "connect" check feature for ldirectord?
From: Christian Balzer <chibi@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 13:01:34 +0900

I'm in exactly the same situation as the fellow here:

Noting the lack of replies or a native rad-acct check option for
ldirectord I was wondering why not adding a UDP "connect" service check to
it? I know it's not as straightforward or reliable as TCP, but in most
environments it should give much more useful results than "none" or "ping".
Netcat seems to have no problem figuring out if something is listening on
an UDP port:
auth01:/etc/heartbeat# nc -v -u -z 1813 inverse host lookup failed: Unknown host
(UNKNOWN) [] 1813 (radius-acct) open
auth01:/etc/heartbeat# nc -v -u -z 1814 inverse host lookup failed: Unknown host
(UNKNOWN) [] 1814 (?) open
auth01:/etc/heartbeat# nc -v -u -z 1815 inverse host lookup failed: Unknown host
(UNKNOWN) [] 1815 (?) : Connection refused

It would be really nice to see this in a future version so that any UDP
service can be somewhat monitored. 
While hacking this into the installed ldirectord seems easy enough the
likelihood of it being overwritten by a security update during the
lifetime of these servers is just too high.

So for the here and now, I guess the external "misc_check" of keepalived
might be better suited?


Christian Balzer        Network/Systems Engineer                NOC
chibi@xxxxxxx           Global OnLine Japan/Fusion Network Services

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