Newbie: LVS-DR on 2.4.3

To: "LVS Users" <lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Newbie: LVS-DR on 2.4.3
From: "Scott Jones" <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 10:18:10 -0700
Hi Everybody,

So, I'm trying to get LVS-DR set up on three boxes (on director and 2 real
servers) for http (and later https).  I'm trying to get telnet working too
since it seems to be the most simple to get working.  At this point, I have
been able to get the director's kernel compiled with the ipvs patch, and I
have run the configure perl script (I had to download perl-Net-DNS).

To get the rc.lvs_dr script to run without "fatal" errors on the director
box, I had to install fping and ntp.  I get a message that $router_forwards
is not set to Y|N (and that I'll be told which one to set it to when I run
rc.lvs_dr on the real servers.  When I run it on my real servers, I don't
get told which one to use...

To deal with the "ARP problem" (which I don't really understand beyond the
fact that the real servers need to NOT respond to packets sent to the VIP,
unless they've been forwarded to the real server by the director -- is that
a decent approximation of the problem?), I have installed an extra NIC in
each real server (they now have 3 apiece, and the VIP has been set up on
eth2), as suggested as a potential solution on the HOWTO

When I run the rc.lvs_dr script on the real servers, I get:

You are moving the VIP from one device
(presumably from a previous LVS installation),
to a different ethernet device.

(even though in my lvs_dr.conf I have the SERVER_VIP_DEVICE set to eth2).

Then, it takes down my eth2 (so that ifconfig doesn't display eth2 anymore).
The wierdest thing is that after running rc.lvs_dr on both real servers, and
sending an http request (or begin a telnet session) to the VIP, I actually
get a response from ONLY ONE of the servers (and ipvsadm doesn't display any
connection information for either http or telnet).  It also doesn't seem to
matter whether I have the VIP up or not on the real server...

Does anyone have any suggestions for me?  I think that I going for pretty
much the most basic configuration possible (but if anybody has any alternate
suggestions, that'd be great!).

Thank you for making this tool and for any help!



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