Re: nfs mounted web dierstories?

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Subject: Re: nfs mounted web dierstories?
From: Dana Quinn <dana@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Apr 2001 09:52:29 -0500
On Sat, Apr 28, 2001 at 08:08:29AM -0400, Matthew S. Crocker wrote:
> On 27 Apr 2001, Doug Elznic wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I am having some trouble getting my developers to get used to ftping
> > their files twice to get the two real servers in sync. How are other
> > people keeping their server in sync. And what are the performance
> > implications for doing it your way? I have thought more about nfs lately
> > but I am afraid that the nfs server will create a  bottlneck. And I know
> > very little about coda's stability/performance. I saw the old survey but
> > it was not very indepth about this.
> We have a 5 real-server cluster, each has dual ethernet, one to the
> Internet and one to a private LAN switch (cisco 3548XL).  The switch is
> connect via gigabit to a Network Appliance NetFiler F720 (
> (/home, /usr, /opt, /webspace) is mounted from the netfiler
> You can also automate with rsync if you want to keep two seperate copies.

<Nod>  We have a similar setup, using a Netapp.  We're serving 8-10
million pageviews/day with this setup, and iostat times for file
access on the realservers is lower with the Netapp than it was
with local disk.  Of course you have a nasty single point of
failure there...  so we use rdist or rsync to make local disk
backup copies.

Netapp claims that their NFS implementation is faster than most,
so using some out of the box OS vendor's NFS implementation might
not perform as well.  Of course, that could be marketing drivel
from Netapp.

Overall, to address the original question - rather than complicating
your setup, you might benefit from formalizing your
developer's process of making content go live - provide them a
push tool that wraps around rsync or rdist.  Of course developers
usually hate losing access to ftping content right to the
servers...  so have fun with that!  :)


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