RE: Problem with e100 driver and W2K Clients !

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Subject: RE: Problem with e100 driver and W2K Clients !
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From: Christian Jacobsen <cjacobsen@xxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 10:07:04 +0200 (MEST)
Hallo Peter,

> any particular reason you are using 2.4.7-xx?  

The problem is also there in 2.4.9-xx. So it does not matter at this time.
Sure we will update to latest kernel before going in Produktion ;)

> the 2.4.9-xx kernels are rock
> solid and so is the eepro100 built into them...

That is what we are going for if there is no solution for the e100 

> > Why e100 driver : 
> > We are using Compaq Servers with On-board Intel PRO/100 
> > Network card. And
> > wants to use the managment functions of the e100 driver.
> I was just thinking to myself... what the hell, why the e100?  What
> management features do you gain?  Is it the compaq snmp type stuff?

That's it. We then get to know if the Networkcard is down or has trouble. 
In an cluster we would not so fast notice if one Server is "missing" :)
It works because we are using ans Comapq Insight card (a seperate Computer
on an PCI card) which have their own Network connection and the error message
comes from that Card.
We use this with all our Servers no matter if NT4, W2K or Linux.

Christian Jacobsen

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