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Subject: Re: Persistance and LVS
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Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 10:23:32 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for all this info, however, we handle 1 million
messages a day, and 20,000+ webmail users, thus
125,000 messages per hour send/recv in 8 hour work
day.   Perhaps I am still not entirely sure how
persistance on LVS works, other than that is how long
15 min or whatever, a PC will maintain its connection
through the LVS to a particular real server.   The
error just a couple random people are having with
WEBMAIL is "invalid session ID" as though they lost
their connection to the real server (actually a
"message director") they were on.  But I don't know if
it is the "message directors" fault, or LVS.  We have
4 of these "message directors" which are real servers
behind the LVS. 

So is it your suggestion that I have no need to
increase beyond 15 minutes the persistance for HTTP
and HTTPS services ? I don't understand how the
persistance number translates to how many real
servers. We have 4 real servers BTW.  


--- Joseph Mack <mack.joseph@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Andrea Cerrito wrote:
> > So: a LVS box, with NAT, tuned with parameters
> from that page can handle
> > (with enough RAM and CPU Power, of course) even 1
> millions of total
> > connections (total connections = [connections
> originated from the
> > internet -like clients-] + [connections originated
> from the dmz -like
> > smtp sessions from mailservers-]).
> yes, until it runs out of memory or 64bit numbers or
> CPU cycles...
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