Re: Potential Opportunity to Validate LVS for use with Seibel CRM

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Subject: Re: Potential Opportunity to Validate LVS for use with Seibel CRM
From: Dave Augustus <davea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 15:24:27 -0500
Hello Joe,

No, you don't know me and I don't know you. I have been on this list for
many years and you and others have helped me many times. :)  My
involvement with Linux goes back to 2000 with Redhat 6 and I am an avid
promoter of open source software.


We currently have a 6 node LVS in production- since 2002 I might add.

By opportunity, I don't mean to sound threatening. We have been using
LVS since 2002. And it has worked great. My goal is to help the project
-to give back to the project.

The opportunity exists in the potential of getting Seibel to validate
LVS as a 3rd party source of load-balancing. 

This may be fruitless but the *positive* side of this would be:

- the attention that it gives the LVS project.
- the savings to companies in not having to purchase other products
- recognition that LVS is ready for prime time

I realize that this may or may not be what you as a project leader want.
Help me out here.

Dave Augustus

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 12:31 -0700, Joseph Mack NA3T wrote:
> On Tue, 26 Sep 2006, Dave Augustus wrote:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > Due to the awesome product that LVS is I have obtained the 
> > support of management to deploy LVS as the load-balancer 
> > for our new CRM deployment.
> I'm glad you like it and I hope it's being useful.
> Although LVS was started initially by the bright ideas and 
> hard work of one person, it's now a distributed development 
> project where people do as they see fit. There isn't a 
> spokesperson for LVS and I'm speaking personally here. I'm 
> rather wary when someone who I don't know comes bounding 
> over to tell me that something I don't know about will be a 
> great opportunity for me. As well you aren't clear about 
> whether you want help from us or are just keeping us 
> informed of what you're doing.
> > We are considering approaching Siebel to get their 
> > approval and support of using LVS instead.
> I don't know anything about CRMs although I know people who 
> use them. Does Siebel understand the GPL? Do you?
> > This appears to be a great opportunity for this project.
> CRMs weren't on our list of things to do. I suspect that 
> there's nothing unique about CRMs - load balancers have no 
> idea what sort of application they're loadbalancing. Perhaps 
> you could fill us in here.
> Joe

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