Re: Potential Opportunity to Validate LVS for use with Seibel CRM

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Subject: Re: Potential Opportunity to Validate LVS for use with Seibel CRM
From: Dave Augustus <davea@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 16:09:15 -0500
On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 16:43 -0700, Joseph Mack NA3T wrote:
> I still have no idea what "validate" means, but a few others 
> today on the mailing list seem to know. Does Seibel look for 
> buffer overflows, bench test it?

It means that we can get support from Siebel using this product.

> What does "opportunity" mean? You're going to push LVS 
> through validation? (presumably this costs money).

Believe me, we spent the money on Seibel!

> Does Seibel know LVS is GPL?


> What happens when each new kernel comes out? Does validation 
> have to be done again? Will one implementation of LVS be 
> Seibel-ized and that's the one the commercial people will 
> have to use?

Don't know.

> After it's validated, does someone have to keep looking 
> after the validation (to make sure it doesn't expire)? If 
> that's you, what happens if you go off and become a NASCAR 
> driver - who takes over?

I don't think so- besides I plan on driving my 86 Buick for awhile
longer. :)

> To whom does validation make a difference? - apparently at 
> least you and two other people on the mailing list. Does 
> Seibel's validation mean anything to anyone else?

It makes a difference to companies that want to reduce their cost of
maintaining their CRM. It also can potentially open the door to more use
in the *enterprise*, enhancing open source software as a whole.

Information on how much like F5 LVS is will definitely help. Anything
out there on that?

Dave Augustus
Data Center Administration
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

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