Re: Potential Opportunity to Validate LVS for use with Seibel CRM

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Subject: Re: Potential Opportunity to Validate LVS for use with Seibel CRM
From: Roberto Nibali <ratz@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 09:52:17 +0200

Due to the awesome product that LVS is I have obtained the support of

LVS is not a product in the traditional sense of "a product" you get from marketing. It's a modular software component that can be (most of the time smoothly) integrated into your existing network infrastructure to provide benefits in reliability, performance, high availability and others.

management to deploy LVS as the load-balancer for our new CRM

Which management?

Let me explain...

Siebel CRM has a built-in load balancer.

Aha, we're speaking of Oracle products. Another business field where Oracle is become #1 provider by buying technology. Very well.

It has several limitations
which affect uptime and maintenance windows.

Care to elaborate on these limitations? I was unable to find any specification on Siebel CRM.

They also support 3rd party load-balancers. Their support configurations
consist of:

-Cisco CSS Content Service Switches
-F5 Networks Big IP

This is interesting, considering that Oracle has once participated, with significant base funding, in developing the world's craziest hardware load balancer. Unfortunately money ran out, before they got out of the prototype status. I don't know how nowadays is load balanced but they sure do have a very high uptime.

We are considering approaching Siebel to get their approval and support
of using LVS instead.

That would be interesting ... to run Nasdaq with LVS!


On what exactly? Do you have or know anyone of the board of directors at Siebel?


Get Oracle to do some investing into getting LVS user land ready for easy deployment. Maybe they want to write L7 code for their middleware framework.


Help with what?

If you want to sell your 86 Buick, I'd be very interested. I need a car to drive down from Oregon to Costa Rica next April/May; if possible I should be able to transport my 6'8 long-board and my 5'9 fish. However with that particular case of car, I'll probably need to get a special contract with Shell ... :)

This appears to be a great opportunity for this project.

Apologies for coming off a bit bold, but your email is a bit vague. However input and effort into promoting LVS is always very welcome.

Thanks for your time,
Roberto Nibali, ratz

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