Announcing: IPVS v0.9.1

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Subject: Announcing: IPVS v0.9.1
From: Wensong Zhang <wensong@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 1999 22:10:05 +0800

I've put ipvs-0.9.1-2.2.12.tar.gz on the LVS site.

Virtual Server patch for Linux 2.2 - Version 0.9.1 - October 6, 1999

        * Fixed the counting bug in ip_vs_unbind_masq again
        Don't touch counters for templates.

        * Removed extra read_unlock in __ip_vs_lookup_service

        * Changed not to restart template timers if dest is unavailable
        If the client actively send packets when the destination is
        unavailable, the masq template can expire.

        * Added the destination trash 
        The destination trash is used to hold the destinations that 
        are removed from the service table but are still referenced 
        by some masq entries. The reason to add the destination trash 
        is when the dest is temporary down (either by administrator 
        or by monitor program), the dest can be picked back from the 
        trash, the remaining connections to the dest can continue, 
        and the counting information of the dest is also useful for

        * Added the ip_vs_leave function
        It is called by ip_fw_demasquerade when the matched service 
        is avaiable but no destination is available for a new 
        connection, to drop the packet. This should be a good behavior.

        * Changed drasticly removing the masq to silently dropping
        packets and keeping the masq in expire, when its destination
        is not available. It is a good behavior, when the destination
        is temporary down.
        The above fixes and changes won't be possible without 
        Julian Anastasov's fixes and suggestions. Thank Julian!
        * Added the handling of weight=0 in every scheduler
        The destination with weight=0 is "quiesced" and will not 
        receive any new connection, but will still serve the
        existing connections. This feature is useful to cool down
        the overloaded servers or to get some servers out of
        service for maintenance.

        * Added the update_service function in every scheduler
        When the destination list of a service is modified, the 
        update_service function is called to reset the scheduling
        pointer, so that the scheduling pointer won't point to the
        freed destination.

        * Changed some IP_VS_ERR to IP_VS_DBG in the ip_vs_tunnel_xmit

        * Added different timeout support for persistent service
        Users can specify different timeout values for their
        different persistent services.

        * Fixed the bug that persistent service cannot be edited

        * Changed the output of ip_vs_procinfo for the new version
        of ipvsadm.

There are many changes and fixes of ipvsadm too.

Let me know how it works out for you!



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