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Subject: Re: I'm having a problem
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Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 01:37:30 +0800

jeremy@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm having a problem.
> I have things setup in a simple fashion.  In my test case I'm using ipvs
> to balance ssh connections but for some reason ipvs is only using one real
> server and persists to use that server until I delete its arp entry from
> the ipvs machine and remove the virtual loopback on the real server.
> Also, I noticed that connections do not register which this behavior.
> Didn't experience this in past versions, but I haven't tried to use ipvs
> in a while.
> Let me know what's up.

You probaby need to tell us more information about your ipvs
configuration. we may help to solve it.

BTW, do you use the persistent port for your VIP:22? If so, the
default timeout of persistent port is 360 seconds, once the ssh
session finishs, it takes 360 seconds to expire the persistent
session. (In ipvs-0.9.1, you can flexibly set the timeout for
the persistent port.) In fact, there is no need to use persistent
port for ssh service, because the RSA keys are exchanged in each
ssh session, and each session is not related.


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