Re: SYN floods and LVS-NAT CPU Load

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Subject: Re: SYN floods and LVS-NAT CPU Load
From: Fabrice <fabrice@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001 02:29:56 +0100

Thanks for all your answers.

First, I want to reassure you, I know that Ethernet frames doesn't
have a fixed size :)

But I tought, after having read the 5.2 paragraph of LVS-HOWTO,
that the packet rate was limited to max. 8000 packets/s (for any
packet size). This paragraph is a bit unclear, especially the
sentence "Thinking of a network as 100Mbps rather than ca. 8000
packets/s is a triumph of marketing." It made me think that Fast
Ethernet was limited to 8000 packets/s. But know I reread it, it
doesn't say that it is limited to 8000 :)
Another sentence confused me. It's in the same paragraph, a bit
before: "A packet with 1 bit of data takes as long to transmit as a
full mtu sized packet".

For the CPU load, I think Radu-Adrian described very well my machine:

"with not the best network cards, heavy packet filtering(with connection
tracking and masquerade) and occasionally traffic control active."

Except that I tested with near to MTU sized packets.

As I said, I will make some tests tomorrow to see why the client
sends only about 2000 SYN/s and why the load on the director looks
low :)

Thanks again for your answers,

Fabrice Bucher

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