Re: Problems compiling ipvs-0.8.2

To: lvs-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Problems compiling ipvs-0.8.2
From: Daniel Martin Legazpe <daniel.martin-legazpe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001 12:31:55 +0100
There is nothing about buffermen_pages, nr_free_pages, page_cache_size in my

Ben North wrote:
Daniel Martin Legazpe wrote:
But, when I 'make install' I've got the following new error:

[root@eceiolab ipvs]# insmod ip_vs.o
ip_vs.o: unresolved symbol buffermem_pages
ip_vs.o: unresolved symbol nr_free_pages
ip_vs.o: unresolved symbol page_cache_size
ip_vs.o: [...]

I wrote:
Even if you compile IPVS as a module, there are still some
kernel changes required. There should be a patch file called
linux_kernel_ksyms_c.diff in your ipvs-0.x.y directory [...]

Daniel wrote:
Hello Ben, I've got running my Redhat 6.0 with 2.4.12 kernel with all the
needed patchets and with netfilter support. So, this can not be the
problem, can it ?

Well, those three symbols are the ones the patch mentions, so
something /is/ going on with that by the look of it. Can you
check /proc/ksyms for anything including buffermem_pages etc.?
Sometimes you get problems like this if you have compiled a
kernel with module versioning information but then compiled a
module without versioning. Might something like this have

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